This design intervention of Studio Apartment addresses the challenges of space efficiency, natural lighting, and simplified circulation in an effective way.

The design has been derived out of the user’s daily activities, interests, and hobbies.

A relatively large kitchen has been provided to cater to the user’s cooking interests, with the possibility of kitchen workspace extending into the dining as they’re connected with each other. The kitchen shelves have been modified from the typical modular layout to a more functionally comfortable and aesthetic shelf configuration. Selected box shelves are replaced with open shelves and ledges which accommodate the frequently-used ingredients and utensils while also giving a visual play.

A barrier-free hall space is created with a well thought-out furniture selection and arrangement which shall accommodate the user to socialize with her friends without any congestion (In fact, the position of the dining table allows for the user to include it in the hall furniture as well as in the kitchen workspace as per the need/event.)

We’ve used the full-height wardrobe as a partition to provide privacy in the bedroom and avoided extra investment on partitions.

The Bathroom layout has been re-imagined to create a more efficient layout and created easy movement in the bathroom.

The ambience of the apartment has been maintained in a lighter shade with occasional visual highlights making it a dynamic and non-monotonous colour scheme. Moreover, the natural light from the North wall window has been kept uninterrupted to fill the hall, kitchen, and bedroom spaces with daylight.