Hello, my design relies on maximizing the space the most and using storage compartments as a main design element to divide spaces. As you enter, you will be welcomed by an unobstructed view of the whole studio, allowing for a feeling of a bigger and elongated space. The white walls are accented by the vivid colors of the kitchen cabinets on one side and the a closet hiding the bedroom on the other. This design allows the windows to be unobstructed allowing for maximum natural light and cross ventilation. The kitchen incorporates an in-built oven and fridge, allowing for a smooth and minimalist feeling and giving a lot of storage and working space. The closet on the left allows for a playful game of colors while hiding the bedroom and the desk area (with the library hung above it), allowing for an open space between the dining and the kitchen areas. The closet itself holds a huge storage space (4.5m x 2.7m), it is also smart in a way that can allow it to be opened from either the bedroom or the living area and is divided into square compartments in order to hold different items separately; I suggest to use colorful fabric on the closet to allow for proper ventilation and lighting to the bedroom and hiding the door the same way. The washing machine is within more cabinets that can serve the kitchen and to store laundry and cleaning supplies. The copper lighting highlight the colors of the studio and give it a warm feeling, while the LED above the bathroom and under the kitchen cabinets add accent lighting. I allowed myself to suggest some lighting websites so that you can have an estimate of the cost of these lights.