The Studio Apartment project is a uniquely designed apartment with optimum floor space division. The 26 sq mt. apartment divides into a fully functional kitchen, an extendable dining space to invite guests, a cozy living area. a tiny yet spacious bathroom and a specially dedicated sleeping area. The apartment has been designed with smart storage solutions, utilizing each and each wall, nook and corner. The bathroom has been expanded to create a built in walk - in closet through a hidden door. The most important and attractive feature of the apartment is a customized screen with can divide the apartment into personal and open spaces. The thoughtfully designed screen is made of different materials to enhance the design of the fully functional apartment while giving the kitchen and the sleeping area a unique visual appearance. Most of the heating devices have not been disturbed from their location but the designer recommends to install a floor heating system if the construction allows. The designer has tried the best to provide the client a visual experience for their home.