Hi. Hope you enjoy my proposal or at least it gives you an idea about a new layout for your space!

My proposal consist in giving the main attention to the living area as you wanted.
To achieve this, I created a big open space that includes kitchen/dinning room/studio/living room. I placed the bedroom in a corner so I can create this big open space. The bedroom still have closet space, and doesn't feel close because of the permeable division.

About the kitchen, it's new configuration in "L" shape gives you more store space. Washing machine is included in the kitchen (hidden in the furniture) to gain space.
Also, the new kitchen placement allows you to enter first to a living area, so it feels open and its better when you have guests.

Furniture for studio space is used also as an interior division.
You also will have space to store things in the new furniture placed on the living area. If you want, you can place a TV here, if not, not problem, there is also space to place it on the bedroom.

About the colors, white is the main wall's color, but there is also some color in 2 focal points (kitchen and sofa area)
Furniture will give that drop of color to the space.

Any adittional information is in the plans and render views.
Have a great day!