Dear Isabella,
Thank you for sharing your amazing project. I also created a virtual tour of the open space to let you immerse in the area.
I created 2 alternatives for the layout of your Studio to give you the option of choosing between them. I also created the interior design for alternative 1 based on your taste of design But if you prefer alternative2 it can definitely be applied to it too.
The main idea for alternative one is to create a semi master room with direct access to your bathroom for maximum comfort. The other access is for the time that you have guests and you can simply lock the middle door. And you can open it when your own use. The kitchen in this design is big enough to place all the appliances you need and make the experience of cooking pleasing.
The main idea for this alternative is to focus on the open space and add natural light to all the spaces. You have an open space living room and kitchen that can be utilized well when you have guests.
In both alternatives you have a home office and a library on top of it. I also recommend that you have a sofabed if you are interested to have guest for the night. I tried my best to keep the bathroom walls just the way they are to lower the costs.
Hope you enjoy your stay in your warm welcoming home.

Best Customer Service ever 🙂

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