Dear client,

Main idea was to create light and open atmosphere and make your apartment comfortable and welcoming. By using natural and bright materials I tried to emphasize the overall shape of the space and make it look as big as possible.
In order to use the whole space, I decided to use the space near the bathroom in a way that I positioned built-in cabinets that can be opened and save space. According to your requirements I have added a library and workspace. The bathroom door is sliding, so as not to take up space. I combined the living room with the kitchen, and they are divided only by the space of the kitchen island, which can be pulled out if necessary and in that case become a real dining table.
The sleeping area is separated and can become a resting area after a busy day.
I hope that you are satisfied with these ideas and solutions and that I can cooperate on this project. I am glad I had a chance to take part in your project.

Kindest regards!