Design Brief
None of the existing walls, doors and window locations have been modified in the proposed layout.
I have divided the space into two zones
1. The external zone consists of Kitchen Platform, Dinning area and Sitting area.
2. The rear zone has been reserved for Sleeping, Reading and Dressing.
Sticking to each and every requirement listed by you I have proposed a layout with following key features-
a. A spacious cooking platform, with a janitor’s closet. Any water heater or R.O to be covered with the matching kitchen cabinet doors over the sink.
b. Fridge has been moved to the bathroom wall to maximize the cooking platform.
c. Drop leaf dining table for extension when required
d. Sliding door for the toilet can provide easy movement without consuming extra space for conventional door movements.
e. Washing Machine has been located along the toilet wall. Water inlet pipe and drainage pipe to go through the toilet wall and floor.
f. Since toilet will undergo complete renovation including water supply layout, waste water drainage layout under the floor, fixtures, electrical points and tiles. The above-mentioned requirement for washing machine can be incorporated.
g. Minimum false ceiling has been proposed as it helps in even light distribution. Additional task light will come at Kitchen counters and study table.
h. The partition has been kept see-through that avoids the direct view of bed from outside.
With above mentioned design features I have tried to detail out each and every corner with colour combinations in the attached drawings and views.