STUDIO APARTMENT 26 is a project that seeks to solve an apartment through design that meets the needs of her user.

At the entrance is the common area, on the right there’s a large kitchen with a vast storage and built-in LED lighting to ensure a pleasant atmosphere. On the left, taking advantage of the window, is the dining room accompanied by a pendant lamp, a sideboard and a wine rack for those special moments. In front there is a small space for the living room, where the window is used for natural light. The bathroom was kept in place and to enhance the exterior and interior space, a cement tiles finish is proposed, the entrance to the bathroom it’s done through a wooden sliding door to take advantage of the space.

This common area is separated from the private area through a wooden divider that allows light to enter the room and also gives it a decorative value. On the right is the area of ​​the bed with a nightstand, and a pendant lamp, and to the left of the first is the closet for the washing machine and laundry stuff, then a closet for the user and at the end a shelf for books with a desk. This space is accompanied by a mirror to reflect natural light and the wall of the bed has a cement finish, to provide texture to the space.

In conclusion, the design gives great importance to the common area because it is the space where the user develops most of her activities that are mainly social, but also resolved the private area.