The fundamental criterion of this design proposal is to achieve the greatest possible perception of amplitude in a very small space, but at the same time complying with the functional requirements of the client.
The kitchen has storage furniture under the counter and in the upper part, in addition to this another bar-type furniture is generated to have an additional kitchen work space and also storage, this accompanied by a table of sufficient size to comfortably serve to 5 guests.
The bathroom retains its location, a small movement is proposed inside to improve circulation. A small space is added to this volume of the bathroom to house the washing machine so that it is hidden and within this space, it is also possible to have an upper cabinet to store the toiletries.
At the back of the apartment but also integrated into the rest of the kitchen space functioning as a complete living room, there is an area for a sofa and a study.
The bed is hidden with a module of wooden slats, this gives some privacy and does not allow direct registration of the bed, without being a totally closed element, strategically located in the corner makes the rest of the space feel more fluid, increasing the feeling of spaciousness as well as the entry of light into the space.
The elements of the proposal are fixed, the apartment remains functional and comfortable in the different hours and activities of the house.