Design looking for the best distribution for the client's new home in a 26m2 studio apartment. The 3 windows and the bathroom, the 2.70 meter high ceiling, and the bathroom walls are maintained.
A decorative movable lattice is added to divide the living area and the sleeping area when required. Closets are designed to store as many things as possible with sliding doors to save space.
The space feels open, airy and uncluttered with sleek modern styling. A cozy and comfortable home.
It is a design in a small space where the 140 x 200 French bed can be hidden with the decorative mobile partition which permeates the space with different possibilities by moving the doors to taste.
The focus is on the living area and the kitchen, where the kitchen can also be hidden with sliding doors, just like the bathroom.
The dining area includes a table that can be retracted to the wall for guests and a nice and elegant sofa that matches the whole design.
The kitchen is large enough to hold all of the client's kitchen utensils.
Two large cabinets with sliding doors, one of them converts into a library with a desk to work at home.
The laundry area is hidden at the entrance of the place with a sliding door in the other large storage closet, it hides the washing machine, the refrigerator, the kitchen and the closet of the sleeping area.
Pendant lighting is designed with an industrial style, but with a bright white finish and LED strips.
In the bathroom, the space is used to create a cozy atmosphere, with a toilet, sink, shower, vertical garden, a large mirror, the use of color and light, generating an atmosphere of relaxation.
Color and style:
With a modern, simple and elegant style, white is used for the small space which is very suitable and in a bold way a bright yellow color is used according to the client's requirements.
Fixed elements are designed, locating only some mobile elements that optimize the space in a comfortable way.

Thank you.