Studio Apartment


The project proposes the spatial reconfiguration of this 26m2 apartment by introducing 3 operations. Firstly, the current storage furniture that divided the apartment and occupied valuable space is dismantled. Secondly, the kitchen is moved to the bathroom side. In this way, the entire service area is located in the same place and is compacted to free up space for the living and dining areas. Finally, the current bed is located west of the bathroom, so that it is hidden but accessible. All these moves achieve cohesion by the implementation of a new modular storage unit, which hides the electrical appliances (oven, refrigerator and washing machine) and the door to the bathroom, while creating storage space that makes it easy to have an uncluttered apartment. All these features allow for a large free space that prioritizes the social areas of the living room and dining room, increasing its footprint to 16m2 (61% of the total space).

01_The spaces

With the focus on social areas, an extendable wooden table was added to the dining room that can comfortably seat up to 6 people. In the living room, the cozy sofa is the protagonist, and with the 2 chairs and the shoe-storage cabinet (that can act as a second seating area for more guests), up to 8 people could comfortably be enjoying a meeting. As for the bathroom, the door was left in its current position; the toilet and sink were moved internally, and a full-length mirror was added. In the kitchen, on the other hand, a second mirror was added in front of the window that has the best orientation of the apartment (east), which will make the light bounce and the space become brighter. A large desk with storage space and a small bookcase were also added, and one more shelf could also be included in the future if needed. Finally, the floor was changed to one with large wooden boards and a neutral and warm color palette was used in the different areas, which creates a very elegant environment, but at the same time accessible, comfortable and easily matchable with colored accessories if wanted.