Dear Client,

Thank you for the opportunity to work on your new home. I enjoyed it very much, and I hope I've also managed to meet your expectations regarding both design aesthetic and project delivery.

As the floor plan layout was already established, together with installations, I've evaluated several options for the furniture layouts and decided on the ones that I see as the best fit for the space and your family.
All main spaces are shown in renderings, as the bathrooms were already predecided in the choices of equipment. (If I misunderstood this I'll be more than happy to send in additional drawings regarding these spaces)
Even if most of it is self-explanatory I'll talk you through the project room by room.
Entrance hall

The original layout is kept as in the original project, with a built-in wardrobe and a bench by the glass panels by the door.


All kitchen equipment is kept in its original position, in two lines. The only addition to the layout is the extension of the counter below the window. The kitchen is separate from the dining space, not quite large enough to hoast a small table so I found it suiting to have a small nook overlooking the street. It's a place to have a more intimate morning coffee before the rush, have the kids sit in their tall chairs and draw, do their homework while you're preparing dinner or a similar occasion.
Below the counter, there is closed additional storage space for less used items.

Dining space

Both the lounge and the dining space are in a way fixed by the position of the electrical installations, to avoid pendants being placed asymmetrically above the area they are serving.

The large dining table is placed closer to the kitchen cantered according to the lighting fixture. Six chairs are easily cleaned as they are polycarbonate, and two accent chairs are placed on each side of the table as a pop of color and comfort if preferred occasionally. As you mentioned easy cleaning, I've also added an option of leather in the same design if preferred.


The lounge is furnished with a sofa upholstered with dark gray fabric, and a combination of a coffee table and a footstool that can easily be moved to get more play area.
The lounge is oriented towards the wall of the laundry to avoid having an angled view when enjoying a movie night and so the whole family can have equally good positions regarding the view and connections with each other. The TV is placed on a combination of two low cabinets in the same design for more storage but also the possibility to rearrange the setup of the room in the future. By the sofa, there is a built-in storage compartment with two sliding doors and the remaining third is approached from above. This is storage for extra cushions, blankets, toys, and other items that tend to be used in the lounge but don't need to be on display or at hand.
The accent walls are in the color of your choice "Delux - brave ground".

Master bedroom

The master bedroom is visually divided into two areas, sleeping and work. The workstation is accented in black (except for the door if you've already installed a door that is white on both sides), and the sleeping area is in neutral light tones.
If you would decide to take this direction in the design of your home, I can provide more detailed drawings of the built-in pieces and wardrobes.

Children's bedrooms

As kids grow and change their interests rapidly, most of the furniture is lightweight, inexpensive, and easily rearranged inside the room and combined between the two rooms.
The renderings show two different color schemes just to give an idea of how different colors would give a completely new look mainly by only changing the color of the accent walls and keeping the furniture white, gray, and natural wood color.
Both rooms are furnished with 90x200 cm beds, one has a small desk for a toddler while the other room is furnished for an older child. The IKEA shelves are combined in different ways and leave you with additional endless options as the kids grow. Children tend to like to change their rooms and environment very often, and just changing the position of one shelf gives them a sense of ownership. Therefore no built-in furniture was done for these rooms even tho it's very custom to have a fully fitted children's room. Everything is simple while still achieving a coherent design aesthetic.

Bathrooms and toilet

As you already listed all finishes, and bathroom fixtures, very little could eventually be done so I'm not attaching renderings of these spaces. As for the walls that need a pop of color I would keep the theme of the Brave ground color to achieve some warmth and cosines in these spaces as they are now mainly white and gray tiles.

I hope I've covered all the necessary pieces of information, if I missed something and you need further assistance feel free to contact me. I'm at your disposal, and I hope you like the submitted proposal.

Kind regards

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