The apartment renovation proposal is made up of an access hall where there is a clothes rack, a floor-to-ceiling cabinet to store shoes, objects and other things. In front of this there is a shelf to place decoration elements such as paintings, vases and others.
The hall leads to a living room containing a large piece of furniture and a cabinet for the TV (this can be floor to ceiling or a low cabinet to visually blend the space with the dining room)
In the dining room there is a 6 seater table and has a shelf to display drinks. The kitchen is kept hidden by a sliding door that is decorated with a wallpaper.
Design a study and work space with a floor-to-ceiling shelf to hold lots of books.
There is a large bathroom and a smaller one.
The bedroom has a space for the closet
The kitchen is spacious with enough space for the fridge, the dishwasher, the washing machine and to store objects.



Naples, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy

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