As indicated in the top plan the bar takes up all the area on the left as we enter the shop and is divided into two separate areas. The first part of the bar has such a scenographic decoration so it looks like a vintage meat market with the meat display on the back and an original butcher's table between the front desk and the display. The pilar that divides the "meat market" spot from the bar is coated with white and black square glossy tiles in running bond arrangement just like an original retro butcher's shop. All the lenght of the bar has a visible metal structure with rustied old curved metal sheet as a finish and steel beam for a foot stool so it attaches a very industrial look on it. The depth of the bar is reclaimed with an "island" for the draft beer taps which are placed on an old looking water pipe, and a structure made in the same way hanging from the ceiling where the glasses are placed. There are also draft beer taps on the front of the bar highlighted by industrial pendant lamps. The coffee station is located on the side and decorated with the white and black tiles pattern, useful shelves on top and a blackboard menu hanging with chains from the ceiling. The back wall of the bar has a dexion structure in black colour with decorative kegs and crates so it looks like a "beer warehouse", and this structure is also visible in the facade of the restaurant so it highlights the whole concept. For the seating area there is a choice of various types of chairs and tables functionally and aesthetically that apply a vintage-industrial atmosphere to the space. On the front there is a large, long, butchers table with black tiles on top and kegs with a leather cushion used for stools so there is an obvious reference to the product (meat, beer). There are two large structures made of wood and metal that include space for indoor plants and in that way the natural element enters the indoor space. The two areas with the bench and the banquette complete the seating areas supplying an alternative choice of seating, maybe a bit more comfortable. The back wall, the one you see as you enter the shop has the black and white tile coating with the logo on the centre as a major branding element in the interior. The outside space is composed by a combination of picnic tables and bistrot style tables and chairs so it reflects the indoor style and creates a very nice,cosy and friendly environment. All the decisions concerning the design ,the choice of materials and the lighting were wisely made so the result could bring out the appropriate ambience and mood, highlight the products the restaurant supplies reflecting its quality ,and of course meet the client's needs and requests of a busy, industrial, artisanal, cosy space .