The main purpose of the project is to obtain functional spaces is very easily manageable for the restaurant business, the outdoor terrace is seen then as an extension of the interior. It 'been provided a new exit to the terrace for both customers and staff so that it can also be used as an emergency exit from the room. Changes were made to the internal distribution in order to obtain large spaces and fluids with a panoramic view and control both from customers and staff. The atmosphere that was meant to rebuild is typically industrial and casual with high ceilings and rustic furniture in wood and iron; some hints of color, such as colored tiles concrete tiles behind staplers beer cans recycled or used outdoors, or even the cushions of couches jute enliven the environment. They have been suggested for new fixtures in boxes in industrial style to bring out the windows and the view toward the brick building, outdoors instead with the simple decor and the introduction of the trees they wanted to enrich the space making it usable as square semi-public, however, distinct from the rest of the square through a wooden platform raised above the existing floor easy to maintain and easily removable.