The contest called for a rustic interior deco with subtle interior, the design distributed the furniture with circulation in view, the furniture are carefully chosen to reflect the intended deco, a door was created to the right of the main entrance to allow for navigation between the interior and the exterior eating spaces, the position of the door was determined by the flow of the interior space which allow space at the order counter for Que/waiting and entrance. the floor finish is polished concrete which complements the wall finishes of stucco and brick. a connection was made from the kitchen to the bar to allow for staff access from behind the counter. the ceiling is laced with a woven light metal bars to further improve the rustic style. a combination of seating was made from table of 4 and table of 2 with high tables and bar stools, and also high counter bar seating , the interior space has a total of 65 seating capacity while the exterior has a total of 42 seating. the exterior eating area is covered with a transparent fabric roofing that can easily be removed when needed.