Our idea is to create a welcoming and friendly place with simple elements, warm colors and a balance of shapes .

First of all we choose a checkered tiles flooring (dirty white and light brown) to give "movement" and lightens dark colours around (the required dark aged wood and rusted steel). The walls have been left with rough plaster and concrete pillars left raw.

The bar area has a long L shaped counter bar with display of the meat and a panel all coated rusted iron (corten). The corten backlit gives fabulous effects in contrast with the dark wood of the top.
The counter behind has top and wall lining in white marble. This material was chosen not only for the contrast but also as a reminder to the idea of the butcher shop, it is also functional and beautiful from both the part of the draft beers that the side of the meat. Furthermore it can be easily replaced with a cheaper gres marble effect. Above the counter there is a structure of iron bars where to lean on shelves and hung glasses and panels (menù or images)

The block of the bathrooms is lined with boards 5mm thin in wengè wood. Here there is a niche with a container for the waiters, it is made with wooden doors at the bottom and thin shelves in natural iron in the upper part.

As the restaurant area is very large it was ideally divided in smaller areas created through the use of different types of seats: an high L shaped counter , areas with sofas and areas with tables for 2 or 4 persons.
Lighting is also composite : there are the old industrial iron lamps mounted on bars suspended on the tables, sconces on wall and pillars, while general lighting is provided by big spots mounted on the ceiling. Since was not required a false-ceiling the choice was to leave the bare ceiling and to paint it black. Also all the elements of the plants are black painted. This allows these systems (ventilation pipes, heating etc ..) to be camouflaged and the effect is very “industrial” and "raw".

In the outdoor area decor and atmosphere are similar to the interiors : here we found the same iron mesh and same pendant lamp ,while the floor is wooden in contrast with black iron of furniture and pergola . The pergola can be covered with curtains, his structure can be used to suspend the lamps exactly upon the tables. We also laterally positioned rusted iron pots (or natural ceramic) with climbing plants that filter visually from other properties.

This black iron mesh is a key element in this project , it is used: a visual filter between interior / exterior on some windows
2.outside to separate from the other property and allow the plants to climb
3. as shelves for the bar.

The focal wall of the restaurant area is decorated with a big drawing painted black like the big logo on the wall of the bar.