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The concept of this design proposal is to create an apartment with seamless unity between different activities, as well as seamless unity between the outdoor and indoor area. This design emphasizes the transparency between rooms, and the linearity of furniture composition. Despite the irregular shape of the existing walls, all main furniture pieces have the same axis, laid out in paralel to each other (applied to i.e. bathroom, bed, sofa & living room, kitchen & tables), creating a more balance and simetrical space in the apartment. All rooms in the house have direct visual from one area to another. For example, the sleeping area is divided only by a fireplace and sliding wooden door panels that can be hidden behind the fireplace and and the bed head. During daytime, the sleeping area can open, but during night time, it can be totally closed (private). The bathroom also has a frameless glass wall at the inside corner that allows more lights and visual connection, as well as material continuity between bedroom-living and bathroom (i.e. the wall and floor materials are exactly the same and continuous). This arrangement allows openess, bringing more lights and airy / spacious feeling into the whole apartment. There is an additional jacuzzi (optional) located in front of the bedroom, an electric fireplace between the bedroom and living room, and an outdoor firepit and lounge cabana at the outdoor living area. The dining table can be used also as a working desk, if necessary. While, one can also have breakfast / eat on the kitchen island where the stools are.

Main materials are quite modern and minimalist, consisting of concrete with epoxy finish for flooring, white painted walls, travertine stone walls, oak wooden panels, wood plank patio, glass, with some touch of stainless steel / aluminium finish. The furniture has a quite black and white theme, with a touch of earthy wooden cabinets / tables.
Hope you like the design and please let us know if you have further questions or feedback regarding this design proposal. Thank you very much!

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Ponteranica, Province of Bergamo, Italy

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