Dear Client, thank you for the opportunity.

The concept of the layout design is making minimal intervention while creating the most functional layout according to your guidelines. The kitchen and bathroom are located in their original location for easy renovation and installations. Master bedroom is located next to the living room. taking some of the space from the octagon room to create a spacious wardrobe, while an ensuite could conveniently be created since the location is directly next to it.

Taking advantage of the lower ceiling, an intimate nook is created inside the bedroom to read book while looking at the city, or while drinking coffee on a rainy day.

The living room act as a guest room by placing a sofabed and sliding the floor to ceiling door creating a complete privacy for the guest. By doing this, the room at the east of the kitchen could be freed to create a spacious dining room where you can invite friends and colleague over for a party. This also enable the guest to directly access the balcony without interrupting anyone's privacy. The hallway is created in such a way so that the light coming from the octagon room could be reflected, some of the wall in the hallway is removed and replaced with a glass wall so that the light coming from the kitchen could also penetrate the hallway reducing the need to turn on the light in daytime.

The interior is designed with simple shapes and geometry while playing with wood finishes creating an elegant but not a rigid look.

I hope the design would satisfy your need. Thank you.


Living Together


Luxembourg City, Luxembourg