Dear client,
Thank you for the great opportunity. There’s a link below that you can have a virtual reality tour around the deluxe room and 2 type of the room that is designed for 3 people.
Here’s a description of my ideas for this design.
First floor
The First floor is divided into 2 parts: the first is the guest welcoming area, breakfast area, and the other is the Guest rooms.
As you enter this area, a small waiting room emerges which is ideal for the first impression. The reception area is just in front of the waiting area. In the breakfast area, there’s a buffet and a seating area, in case guests need something to eat or drink. Among the rooms there’s small corner that can be used a small lobby for chatting.
On this floor we have a deluxe room, a duplex room, 2 rooms for accommodating 3 people and a 2- person room.
All the rooms are accommodated with closet, a bathroom, and a minibar with a small fridge and a writing table in some rooms. In order to make the style of the layout more luxurious, I created an open layout for bathrooms on the first floor that divides the shower and toilet and sink area the glasses in that are used as dividers can be burred or smart glass to make them more private while using or if you don’t like the glass you can use panels as well to block the view totally. I designed the rooms in a way to be both functional and aesthetically beautiful.
Second floor
For the second floor I chose a layout for closed bathrooms to allow you to have more rooms and a different type of room for better sale as guests have different tastes.
On this floor most rooms are lighted from the ceiling windows. There are four 3- person room with all the same facilities of the first floor rooms, 1 2- person room, 1 master suite that can be used for groups or families that can accommodate roughly 5 people and the extension of the duplex room. The entrance to the duplex room is from the second floor.
As you have a huge terrace on this floor, it can be utilized for a relaxation area. There’s also a bar on this floor that makes the time that is passing more pleasant.
Hope you enjoy