Dear client, we thank you for the opportunity to participate in this contest. Our focus was on creating large and comfortable apartments on each floor while maximizing the amount of natural light in each living space by orienting them towards the south. As this property is already valuable and has historical significance, we aimed to preserve as much of its original structure as possible, leaving the main bearing walls untouched and retaining the existing staircase. To enhance the views and exposure to sunlight, we strategically placed the bathrooms and kitchens in the center of the floor plan. Additionally, we capitalized on the beautiful mountain views by proposing new balconies that face towards the mountains and sunlight. We demolished the exterior staircase, allowing us to create the new balconies and also eliminating privacy issues between the apartments. We have also designed a new staircase towards the street to enhance the entrance.

Chiuro's House


23030 Chiuro, Province of Sondrio, Italy