My main goal in this project was to create comfortable and functional apartment according to your needs.
The plan is designed to take into consideration all existing structural and drain columns.

The plan includes:
-A nice entrance with entry closet. The bookshelves is a decorative and separation element between the living and night area.
-The existing kitchen was readjusted. Now, it's larger and functional.
-I moved the living room to the place of the two existing bedrooms. The living room is large enough to accomodate guests and a table for 10 people. It's bright thanks to the new orientation desired and includes the existing balcony and a large bookshelves.
-A master bedroom well oriented with a walk in closet and a private bathroom.
-A guest bedroom with closet.
-The two bathrooms are next to the existing drain columns and contains windows. I placed vertical washer and dryer machine in the private bathroom.
-A large storage area.

I hope that this satisfies your request.
Good vision

House 1


Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy