The project seeks to draw the attention of visitors to stay at Zerbini House through a striking facade and a relaxed atmosphere with areas such as terraces for guests and visitors to enjoy, as well as commercial premises for both the general public. as for the guests.

On the ground floor a cafeteria and a laundry for public and private use were placed, 3 apartments and 2 double houses and one individual were placed, a green walker was placed at the end for greater comfort and privacy at the bottom of the walker the stairs were placed and the elevator to access the other floors.

On the first floor, 5 single rooms and a double vestibuled through a shared living area were placed, on this floor a social area was also placed that consists of lounge chairs for sunbathing, a large dining room and an outside room for be able to live together

On the second floor, 3 large double apartments with kitchenette, bathroom, and closet were placed, it is proposed that these be the most luxurious since they have the best views due to the height.

On the roof, a large event area was placed both for the enjoyment of the guests and for an external public. It has a stage, tables, a large living room and a bar with a kitchenette and bar to serve this area. This is proposed Since from this area there are spectacular views of the sea and it will surely attract the attention of the guests.

Zerbini House


Porto Garibaldi FE, Italy