Hello to Petar Pan,

I understood that this is real house for Petar Pan, so the most measures and dimensions are the most minimalist they can be. Like:
- Doors/ 70cm wide, and they could not be bigger easily
- Beds, 80x190cm
- Sofa, 80cm depth

Smaller bathroom, has toilet and bidet combo, 2in1, if you do not need 2 bidets in house, than put normal toilet, instead, it is much cheaper than combo device.

Bigger bathroom is regular, but also with minimal sizes, and it contains full size washing machine, and it is 65x65cm. 2 doors at bigger bathroom are a must, your flat is too small, so you need to separate bathroom very well, besides it is near the kitchen.

Living room is also small, but nice, you have sofa, and TV wall oposite to the sofa, with coffe table in the middle. And with triangled small wardrober/ hanger.

And that is all, I truly hope you will enjoy in your new Petar Pan flat!


PS - All the measures are the smallest one, but also regular smallest one, to be clear.

Peter Pan House


Naples, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy