Dear client:
For the reconversion of Bruna's House, we set out to create spacious, bright and comfortable spaces, with a modern aesthetic. We try to respond to all the functional needs raised in the briefieng, respecting the restrictions set by local regulations. We porpose the recovery and use of the existing house, and an expansion of simple technology, to promote the harmonic coexistence of both constructions.
The layout of the ground floor and the upper floor respond to the modulation of the original floor, which allows to preserve the main load-bearing walls. In this way, the ground floor is organized around a central axis that divides it in two: a social area, made up of the living room, dining room and kitchen, and a private area, made up of rooms and service units.
The vehicular access is on Via Montanaru, away from the visuals of the social area.
The main access to the house is on Via Satta. It is accessed through a porch that leads to a hall, integrated with the living room, and equipped with a small closet for storing coats and shoes. The living room and the dining room are completely integrated and in direct contact with the outside garden. The living room has a double height with overhead light entry. An iron fireplace, with modern lines, is located in the center of the living / dining room so that the entire social area can enjoy it. The kitchen can be integrated with the social area, or it can be privatized through a sliding panel system. It has an island / breakfast area that expands the cooking area while providing a more intimate and informal place to eat. The kitchen is directly related to the service units (cloakroom, dog area) and has a secondary access connected to the garage, which allows access with groceries without going through the social area.
Along the social area there is a side garden with thick vegetation, and a double height veranda with space to eat, a grill and a lounge area. The garden is always visible from the inside.
The private area of ​​the ground floor is developed along via Montanaru. It is organized around a corridor, which can be privatized with a sliding door, separating the entire private area from the social area, and giving greater sound insulation. It has an office that can be transformed into a service room, through a convertible sofa, a bathroom for common use for visitors, and a bedroom with a walk-in closet and its own private bathroom. In the corridor there is also a linen closet.
Accompanying the central axis of the layout, is the staircase, with embedded steps and glass railing, with modern lines. On the upper floor you reach a corridor / bridge that gives access to the bedrooms. The corridor opens to the double height above the living room and leads to an interior lounge area and a terrace for common use. On the upper floor there are two secondary bedrooms of the same layout and measurements, both have a walk-in closet and a study area, and share a full bathroom. Accessible from the hallway is the laundry room. the master bedroom has a full bathroom en suite, separated from the bedroom by a glass panel and a decorative screen, resembling a hotel room design. This bedroom is larger than the others, so the use of a king size bed was considered. This bedroom has a private balcony that overlooks the double height of the ground floor veranda.

Bruna's House


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