In this project, our design is based on a modern and minimal approach with 2 alternatives (A & B).
In the first Alternative(A) , our priority was increasing the quality of living by designing portable spaces. To do so, we designed an open space including a living room and kitchen which is related to the terrace.
Considering details and anticipating the habitant living needs, we placed a round table with four sits around, a sofa for seven sitters, a closet, a shoe cabinet with a puff in front for wearing shoes, bathroom with access from both living rooms and bedroom. In the bathroom, the sink is placed between the shower and toilet to provide privacy for the two parts. We located a closet beside the washing machine cabinet and the closet has room for both clean and dirty clothes. As we tried to design flexibly there is room for a washing machine in the bathroom if the client needs more space for a closet.
In the design, we used the useless walls around the bedroom window to create a work table and shelves so the owner can have a private workspace too.
Although we decided to do minor changes to the current plan, wet areas and the building facilities, the new plan completely meets the client’s demands. Our aim in doing this was to reduce the costs of the renovation to the minimum level.
For the second alternative(B), we obeyed the same principles as the first one the difference is having a bigger living room with two windows that has made this space brighter which helps to have more natural light in the apartment.

Avezzana Apartment


Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy