Dear client,
Thank you for the amazing opportunity.
There’s a link below that you can have a virtual reality tour around the ground floor and roof garden.
Firstly, I designed the dining area in terms of privacy and comfort of every table and functionality of the whole space. Therefore, if you wish for more tables you can add one instead of the flower box in the middle and the other one instead of reception.
Secondly, I did my best to make the dining area flexible from 2 to 10 and even more. Interchangeably, it means you can host people separately or in groups.
Thirdly, I created a small connection between roof garden and the ground floor by adding a small void in the center. It also helps the circulation and ventilation of the ground floor.
Fourthly In terms of space settlement, I designed 2 receptions areas. One at the front door, the other is near the elevator to let your staff to control the guests’ footwork. In the kitchen, the cleaning area is located between the dumb waiter and the service area in the ground floor to make the transfer of dirty dishes easier for both roof garden and the ground floor.
Additionally, the manager’s office is situated in between kitchen and staff room to increase manger observation on arrival and departure of staff. So the walls of office is partially from glass to observe the work in the kitchen as well. This room also have two doors one hidden door to the dining area and the other is a glass door to the kitchen.
I’ll say no more and let the pictures speak for themselves. Hope you enjoy.

Bar Diaz


80026 Casoria, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy