Dear Client,

We would like to create a floor plan with clear separation between family area, guests area, and service area. With minimum demolition and reconstruction on the walls, we create a nice hallway on ground floor to separate those regions, while still maintaining accessibility, interior theme and continuity/seamless connection between all rooms. You can close or open the doors between all rooms as needed. We open up the home office and art room towards the family lounge, so the area is bigger, cozy, and more meaningful for the family members.

In terms of facade, we would like to create a simple and elegant combination of materials and simple shape modern french windows. The size of openings will let adequate sunlight to come in, but also maintain privacy from the neighbors.

Interior-wise, we would like to have a bright, luxurious, elegant, yet spacious and seamless interior, which is dominated by white color, with black, grey, wood and metal brass accents.

Hope that you like our design proposal. We look forward to hearing feedback from you. Thank you!