The project proposes the construction of a large contemporary penthouse through the union and redevelopment of two apartments, using a modern key to reading that is tailored to the requests and lifestyle of the owners. The design philosophy provides for a close correlation between aesthetics and functionality, accessorising the home with comfortable service spaces, placed in strategic positions to create interesting situations and scenographies. An example is the pantry, near the kitchen, creates coziness at the entrance and is externally covered with a contemporary wallpaper. The common thread proposes light shades for the walls, floors and ceilings, studying a slight contrast for a play of volumes and depth. As for the furniture, it was decided to use a mix of custom-made furniture and quality furnishing accessories, where a careful research of materials and technological solutions stands out: every corner of the house is designed for its specific function with attention to detail, as visible in the renderings.

Residential Penthouse


Perugia, Province of Perugia, Italy