Dear client,
Thank you for the amazing opportunity.
I created a 3D floor plan to help you understand the plan fully.
I designed the layout based on preventing the waste of space for corridors. The very first idea is to have moveable walls to allow you to open or close the spaces and have a more flexible approach toward the plan. For home office I created a transparent movable wall that easily can break the boundary between the corridor and the home office at any time or it can be closed to distinguish the boundary.
Rather than that, as this room will be used as a guest room with the sofa bed, I recommend you use a smart glass to add to the privacy of the room for the guests. Additionally, there’s another moveable wall in the kitchen to let you decide whether you want an open kitchen or you want to close it in some occasions.
The L-shaped living room can function dually as a TV room or a great place to host guests for gatherings.
The laundry is placed in the toilet (washer and dryer) that can be used properly. Therefore, the cellar doesn’t need to be disturbed by the laundry and can function perfectly for storage.
In the master bedroom, there is a walk-in closet for his and hers and a closet for shoes and accessories behind the bed.
I’ll say no more and let the pictures speak for themselves. Hope you enjoy.



Roeser, Luxembourg