The internal layout of the ground floor responding to user requeriments:

- With the demolition of part of the interior walls, has been placed the kitchen and the living room together in one area.

- Due to the placement of a shower area in the main room, it has been decided to swap the positions of the bathroom and the second bedroom.

- The small room is designed with a sliding bed to have two beds, and a storage cabinet custom designed to solve the obtained gap between the wall and the pillar, due to the displacement of the same wall to have more space.

- The bathroom is completely renovated, placing a bathtub, a dual (toilet + bidet) and a sink.

- Have been taken into account various positions for placement of storage areas, in the plane marked with x.

- One of the colors used is off-white, which creates a contrast and highlights the contours of the dark furniture. This color creates an effect of amplitude and illuminates the room, very useful for small spaces with little or no sunlight. The flooring is wood except in the bathroom.