Dear Client,

Thank you for the opportunity to work on your project.

The design proposal is to relocate the kitchen to the former bedroom to create a living space that would welcome the guests as they arrive at the apartment and immediately showcasing the bow window as the main feature of the apartment. The bow window was designed as a dining nook so that guests could sit and chat while enjoying the view of the city, a perfect setting for travelers.

People renting in short term are very rarely do heavy cooking, in which I propose the kitchen to be equipped with small sized appliances. Similar setting that would be found in a chalet.

The only change made in the structural layout is removing some part of the wall dividing the main bedroom and the living room to make space for the new kitchen.

The molding in the former living room is removed and made anew to match the new layout as a bedroom. Some plaster molding are added to select wall sections as accents, keeping the budget reasonable.

The color scheme and furniture are selected with the mindset to make sure that the apartment would look fabulous but still on budget. The main color are black and white for a striking contrast while mellow green adds a refreshing feeling while keeping it up to date with the current trend. Cement tiles in the hallway and glazed ceramic tiles in the bathroom spice the apartment with a little bit of nostalgia.

Thank you, regards.

A 'front-page' Apartment


18038 Sanremo, Province of Imperia, Italy