Dear client,
Thank you for the amazing opportunity. I created a virtual tour of your shop feel the space.
As you want to rent this apartment, the design must be eye catching and inviting. The details of this house are really beautiful and worth keeping. So my very first idea is to keep the identity of the house and add a touch of modernity to combine both styles beautifully. The most noticeable element of this layout is the long narrow corridor. In order to improve the layout, I decided to demolish the wall between the first room and the corridor to make it open and airy. By installing an architectural theme wallpaper on the corridor wall I added depth and a mirror on the other side of it make the corridor wider.
In the living room, I created a small hidden kitchen to serve the guests fully and be closed and be like a simple closet to avoid the chaos. Although, this kitchen is small but it accommodates all essentials such as stove, microwave, built in fridge freezer, built in dishwasher and a small sink. Furthermore, There’s also a cozy space in the semi polygon shaped area for seating and a sofa bed and a puff that can be used for storage as well.
The rooms are almost separated with small wooden timbers to show a boundary for sleeping area and also prevent the corridor looking too long. The wall between 2 rooms will be constructed about 50cm farther in order to place a closet for the small room. Both rooms are facilitated with closet and a TV in front of the bed to maximize the pleasure for the guests.
The bathroom is renovated with a tall cabinet that place the washing machine and laundry. There is a double sink to be used easier by guests. There are also a nice shower with bidet and toilet in the bathroom.
The wallpapers are from and these are chosen in a way to increase the attraction for the visitors and have an Italian experience.
I’ll say no more and let the pictures speak for themselves. Hope you enjoy.

A 'front-page' Apartment


18038 Sanremo, Province of Imperia, Italy