Dear client

I have focused all my energy of plans therefore i have worked out FIVE options . Option 1-3 are New Concept and Option 4-5 are based on your idea "My idea was to create an extension to the North with".

Highlights for each plan are as follows :-

1.Challenge of this project is to maintain the roof line and the outer elevation intact the beauty of the house in the Limited budget therefore I have also attempted an extension of house towards the back which will provide us the the least amount of construction cost in regards of roof extension.

2.We can have a parabola above the car next to the entry.

3.Sir as you requested that there should be a car parking under the extension on north / left side of the house but sir I doubt that you will
get the turning radius for the car for example you will enter from the main gate make/take a left then again make/take a right to enter
in the parking lot below the the floor under the the North Extension area still the last call is yours.

4.In option 4 and 5 I have attempted to make the passage large enough so that it doesn't give the feel of enclosed and at the same
time we can shift ore furniture through the the passage way.

5.According to me option 1 and 2 you are the best given solution for your requirements.

6.In cost estimate sheet I have combined the prices of labour and material together to give you the final cost estimate of an
entity for example -the cost of new construction wall means it includes the cost of brick, motor ,cement ,paint finish and Labour as



P.S:- I hope ,you may found your project solution in submissions .
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