Hello dear client
We are very happy to participate in your contest.
In the design, we tried to design the design based on creating an open living space with a view to the garden and pool.
We put the kitchen in a place that has the possibility of serving the pool, yard and dining room inside.
We placed the ground floor bathroom and laundry room near the first floor staircase and separated them from the living area with a sliding door.
We placed the master bedroom on the first floor in a place that has a view of the garden and the pool in two directions.
We chose a combination of bright colors and neutral colors.
We used linear lights for better beauty.
To buy furniture, you can use the attached file based on the website provided above each photo. You can also use the rendered photos for the color of the furniture.
I hope you enjoy our design.
If you have any questions or changes, you can contact us for free.

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Marino, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy

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