Dear Client,
I designed the plan based on your request for having 5 rooms with their own bathrooms and closets. I also created a 3d floor plan to help you understand the details perfectly.
As the cost is always an important issue, I tried my best to demolish as few walls as possible. Therefore, only 2 of the dividers are demolished so as to construct bathrooms in between.
In order to have bigger rooms with bigger bathrooms, I changed the position of kitchen and put it beside the stairs. This place provides enough space for kitchen and a small dining area to enjoy their food or drink.
The old bathroom is converted to a public toilet with 2 sinks. That can be used separately in time of need. Since all the rooms have their own facilities with shower, no shower is needed in the public bath. You can also have a good amount of space for the laundry room with washing machine and the boiler.
The minimum size for bedrooms and bathrooms as the Italian rules state for B&B is 8mq for a single room, 14mq for a double, 20mq for three beds, 26mq for four beds. Therefore, Rooms are of various types with capability of placing maximum 13 people. 3 of the rooms are equipped with double bed. The other 2 are twin rooms to help you rent the rooms more practically.
The pieces of furniture for these rooms have been chosen smartly to let you host more guests at the same time to increase sale. The biggest room with balcony has a convertible sofa that can turn in to a bunk bed. This room is ideal for groups of 4 or simply by attaching single beds it’s perfect for families with 2 children.
The room next to this one has also a bed armchair that can add to the number of people staying.
I’ll say no more and let the pictures speak for themselves. Hope you enjoy.

Best Customer Service ever 🙂

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