Hello to Valo and Valo's mother,

Thank you for such a inspirative and challenge-like contest.
I hope I answered at the most of your needs.

1. Entrance and bath, remain the same
2. Big room
2a. Right side is cave bed, for lazy cozy sleeping and afternoon playing it is below upper level
2b. Wardrobe on left side, oposite from the cave bed
3. Working desk
4. Main part: angled sofa, coffee table, stairs
5. Upper level for music for the Valo.
6. Kitchen with dinning table WITH WINDOW OVER THE WALL I forgot to draw it, but please look at the images, you will see that wall, between kitchen and sleeping room is lower, because of window, which is missing, actually.
7. Sleeping room with bed 90x200 or 110x200

That's it!
I hope you will enjoy your small but big appartment!