Dear client, designing a small apartment is always tricky, but I hope you'll like my proposal. I tried to cover all of your wishes, so there is a dark green wall in the dining area that is located on the right side of the room and a functional kitchen with elm and white cabinets on the left. New wall is constructed in order to separate the cooking/dining area and to create a room for your child, but there is still a fixed window with black metal frame in this new wall to provide some natural light from the windows. Your child can have his privacy in the bunk bed above the wardrobe with sliding blackboard doors, while you will have your big desk overlooking the screen. However, you can hide this work/sleep area by pulling the curtains in front of the desk and just enjoy in the day area. You can use some decorative wall paneling at the wall behind the TV or you can keep it simple by leaving it white. At the end, finding a good pull out sofa will be a must for you in order to get some good night sleep.