Parent's Bed is placed as a pull out function one, from the stair which is at 0.45 M at top level. The smaller area of the stair can be used as a side table for the parent's bed during night times. The Raised portion of the hall is used exclusively for the kid, that is divided into 2 potions. One of it function as his private music space with acoustic control paneling all around and a glass door for privacy. The other larger portion is used as his bedroom with reading desk, climbing ladders, sitting area, and lots of storage for books and toys in the partition shelf. The door existing near the kitchen is re-purposed aesthetically with a picture above its existing design as show in the renders. Living room is placed in the lower level of the hall facing a black wall that hosts a small TV units. The Living Room is designed fully opened for the kid to play freely as requested for a play car and others. Kitchen is designed in a simple & linear format, but it accommodates all the necessary amenities needed like fridge, microwave, cooktop with electrical chimney, sink, dining counter and lots of storage cabinets both lower, upper ones.