Dear client
Upon consideration of all your requests and suggestions, we sought to create a space as flexible and spacious as possible, to accomodate your needs. The basis of the proposal is to benefit from the windows facing the street, which provide not only light, but also a visual connection to the Kallio neighbourhood, described by you as your dream location. For this purpose, we decided to demolish the existing wall, to obtain a single integrated space. We then introduce a new partition, consisting of sliding soundproof panels, which will allow you to reconfigure the space as needed, to adjust to different activities, as well as creating private sleeping spaces. This means, that during the day, you can open the sliding panels completely and have an open plan space with light coming from all 3 windows. During the night, or when recieving visitors / clients, you can close the panels and create 2 private bedrooms and a separate social area with two windows.
We think it is very important for both you and Valo to have your own space, which is why we thought a closet bed was not adequate or necessary. Instead we went with a storage bed. Both bedrooms are separated from each other by a closet, which ensures privacy and soundproofing without the need of a wall, keeping the space open plan.
The master bedroom is directly adjacent to the workspace, which will be convenient for taking breaks during long sessions of editing, or even working from bed. While you work, Valo can stay in his bedroom undisturbed. Valo's bedroom is equipped with a mezzanine bed, which leaves room underneath for his musical instruments and/or study space. Therefore, his bedroom can function either as a private area just for him, or an open space for father & son jam sessions.
The living room area is integrated with the working area, and equipped with a large screen for projecting, or a big tv, which can be used both for working and as a home cinema.
The plan is completed with the kitchen, which is kept as is, not only because we like it and seems quite new, but also to avoid unnecesary expenses. We propose the adition of a module for the refrigerator, and a dinner table and chairs.
We used a grooved wood panelling for many surfaces, including the sliding partition, similar to the panneling used for audotoriums or recording studios, to make the appartment as sound proof as possible, while preserving a nice aesthetic. In the floorplan desription, we leave you a link for reference, but you can choose the brand of panneling of your preference, or even have a carpenter handcraft the panels, to reduce costs. We also incorporated the forest green color that you suggested, in the exterior wall. We suggest contrasting that with lighter colors (white, light wood) to keep the rooms luminous and ample.
We hope that you are satisfied with our proposal, and that you can prove wrong those who questioned your decision to buy this beautiful apartment. Best regards.

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