A simple, modern and fun answer to your interior needs.

With no major changes: floor, ceiling, electricity stay the way they are. The project keeps also the desks and armchairs you have - although there is a strong suggestion to paint (air brush) desks white. It is relatively inexpensive and will make your office look more modern and sharp (there are way too many textures at the moment).

What is changed:
- new furniture layout (more desks!). It is still completely flexible so if in need you can join/turn/move the desks
- new meeting rooms made with glass walls (they can have independent steel construction)
- painting walls with magnetic and chalkboard paints
- phone booths (the ones you liked in inspirations are called Framery, check out the price on furniture scheme. You can also have your own phone booths made with glass and steel)
- there's a reception counter next to the entrance. In this area there's also a closet with wardrobes for your and guests' clothes, etc.
- there's a chillout room! Next to the reception. It can be an informal meetings room/ waiting room/ place to relax. If you want to have any gadgets like TV, PlayStation or table football, that would be the right place!
- there are more company-oriented visual identification elements that make the place totally personalized (companilized :)). You can play with funny 500 names for meeting rooms.

Hope you enjoy it!

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