This design make the smallest alteration of the current layout, the seating are divided by 53 seats on each wing and 40 seats on middle area with 146 seats in total. There are 4 additional conference room in four corners of the space with the capacity of holding up to 6 person each and 1 additional conference space near the entrance door for 4 person.

Since the space will be very crowded, the design maximize the function of vertical elements. Shelving from osb panel are used as additional file / equipment storage and then covered with floor to ceiling whiteboard. The existing wall also painted with white acrylic coating to make it as whiteboard.

The iconic British red telephone box are used as the phone booth to give character to the space. Five of them are conveniently fit in the space adjacent to the large conference room that makes it perfect as a quiet zone.

The current mail and food storage is optimized as a mail & printing station and food storage. All the new walls and shelving are using oriented strand board.

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