Dear 500 startups staff,
In Italy we say: “you can’t have the wine cask full and your wife drunk”, in other words you must be open to compromises. We like the idea of a tipsy wife and some wine left for consolation in case things goes wrong, and that’s exactly what we’ve done with you office space interior design.

The challenge guidelines have been very restrictive from many points of view. No changes in walls, lighting, existing furniture, ceiling, etc. those restrictions combined with the request for increasing storage spaces, conference rooms and desks are quite in contrast with each other.

In our design initiative we decided to leave the layout corners as they are, without placing there the 4 conference rooms as suggested. Making the founders areas smaller is not an option if you want to keep the space habitable for working purposes.
The placement for the new conference rooms is on a side of the staff area, a central zone easily accessible from the entire office space.

Another thing that we’d like to point out in this introduction is the custom elements that characterize the office space design. The policy of the challenge do not allow us to reference us and our previous works, so we assume that you might be worried in terms of the design “execution”.
Our proposal already took in consideration the feasibility of the custom elements which are extremely simple and most important affordable. Those designs have a deep correlation with your brand identity (as explained in the specific slides) and make your office space unique as you guys are in the startup ecosystem.

We hope this is the first step of a great design journey we might take together. Said so, we hope you will enjoy our work as we did during the creation process.

Best Customer Service ever 🙂

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