Dear Customer, the proposed contest was very exciting for us! The space is beautiful and proposals would be infinite, but we have kept to their needs and demands and specifically we have:
- Left intact space event
- Unchanged the electrical system
- Separate the mail room
- Added storage space
- Added cabinets to store food
- Installed 4 phone booth
- Added meeting space
- Staff area with desk for 20 people
- All in open space
- Founder area with 125 desk
They were included design furniture to give color and movement to the environment. For the seating was chosen DO-LO-REZ of Moroso, armchair and island in Red color/Yellow.
While for the rest we have added elements of BENE OFFICE FURNITURE that has furniture for open space and office. The phone booth in different colors, the glass partitions model RG GLASS WALL, and intelligent whiteboard named NICE WALL that allows sharing and exchanging information between several people and with more electronic devices as ipad, pc or smartphone.
The storage cabinet was split from the food area with walls so you have three distinct areas: storage cabinet for food, storage cabinet and desk mail. In the storage cabinet for food we have added modules of KARTELL model ONE by Piero Lissoni to stuff and storing food. Finally, to provide continuity of color, and to remedy the problem of declining wires from the ceiling, at each location in founder area has received a graft tubular colored where inside route the power cables, network cables, etc., and on which we have entered the shelves of support.
The conference and the staff area have been put together for joining issue.
The conference room were identified and divided by glass walls.
The mood of the project was to allow the co-working with many people at once, dividing environments and unifying theme for an environment so large through the colors.

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