The project meets your need to maximize space paying particular attention to the function and the esthetic design.
As you can see there are two proposals:
Option A;  although I got your request, this option requires a little interior change with the elimination of some existing walls, in order to offer relevant benefits of increasing the workstations, improving the passage by hallways and enlarging the space for the storage;
Option B;  It uses and rationalises the space keeping unchanged the existing plan.

The project is based on the search of balance and symmetry inside the different environments.
The project’s cornerstone is the 10 seats meeting room (Oak room), which divides environments and makes an high visual impact of the entrance area.
Work stations are symmetrical with the meeting room in order to create perimeter hallways.
The North and the South rooms get their balance through the location of four meeting rooms placed at each corner in order to create an open space for the workstations.
In each room (North, South and East side), I designed a bookcase along perimetral walls which allows to organize documents and to develop personal cabinets for founders and staff (everyone with an identity number to assign from time to time).
I placed booths phone in the existing spaces near stair room (The East side) and in the middle of them two storage rooms for general materials and servers. Whereas on the West side the equivalent spaces are used for one more meeting room (Maple room) in the South/West area and for existing mail office and food storage in the North/West area. These areas are closed by some glass walls for keeping privacy and, at the same time, for permitting daily sun illuminates the environments.
With regard to electricity grid, electric and net cables pass through the ceiling. The project meets the request to bring cables on workstation through an esthetic and functional solution: some elements, with the shape of a stylized tree, work as passage for electricity grid and as partition from workstations. The choice of the “tree” is not simply due to esthetic reasons, but it represents your Company’s and founder’s growth.
The “tree motif” is reclaimed in the meeting rooms in terms of:
• shape and function  Tree elements are placed in the middle of table (corner meeting rooms) for electric cables passage
• room’s names  Meeting rooms get name of main wood trees used in architecture (connection between growth and architectonic design)
• esthetic  new furniture design with the diagonal lines elements in oak’s wood (growth concept), on the meeting room’s walls which are in contrast with horizontal lines serigraphy on glass walls (these horizontal lines are both esthetic and functional elements, in fact they ensure privacy during meetings).

Moreover, in entrance area some sofas are placed in order to accommodate guests. In front of them there is a glass walls with the Company’s logo serigraphy; this area will be the “address card” of the Company office, so it is important that it has a strong visual impact and values the Company.
The design of the lights is articulated in an alternation of suspended elements and ceiling adjustable lights.
About work space:
• Adjustable ceiling lights are placed in line on perimetral hallways to illuminate passage
• Suspension elements are placed in the passages between workstations in order to soar them and to illuminate work areas
• Each workstation has one table light in order to “customize” illumination
About meeting rooms:
• The main meeting room (Oak room) alternates adjustable ceiling lights to illuminate perimeter with three suspension lights to illuminate table
• Corner meeting rooms (Spruce room, Cherry room, Walnut room and Beech room) have just adjustable ceiling lights on their perimeter
• The meeting room near stairs room on the west side (Maple room) has suspension lights on table alternate with wall lamps with the ibex shape which is a metaphor of stability and Company’s organization
In the entrance area, on the wall behind the sofas, there are two wall lamps with eagle shape that, in addition to be an American animal icon, it symbolizes the fly and the ability to go height.
Finally, inside the phone booths, in the storage rooms and in the mail room, light is guaranteed by existing bodies of light recessed in ceiling.

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