Dear client. We present you different variants of layouts of the desks in your possession. We consider the Vitra Tyde desk, with its business measurements as specified by you and the Vitra webpage. We consider that a distance of 6 feet between one worker and another complies with current regulations for protection against Covid-19. In turn, a 6-foot perimeter circulation was maintained.
Next, you will see 6 grouping options, each of them specifying the number of desktops it can accommodate. Most of the options studied give a minimum of 24 chairs, and a maximum of 28. We consider that option 1 is the most appropriate, for its comfort, and also for the protection against Covid, since the radial grouping prevents direct contact between one person and another. Options 1 through 4 consider a distance of 6 feet between one chair and another, which does not require the use of divisions. Options 5 and 6 incorporate divisions between workstations, allowing the desks to be pushed together a little more, and giving a greater number of workstations. We recommend incorporating an angled file cabinet in each workstation, which allows not only to expand the work surface, but also to provide extra separation between one worker and another.

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