Dear client

I have focused all my energy of plans therefore i have worked out three options for both small and big flat EACH. therefore you get 3 multiple 3 = 9 floor plans (please don't freak out ).Now
How to read plan.simple . first select the best/most liked plan for the SMALL FLAT (28sqm) then select the BIG FLAT design and combine them to get the best possible options for whole plan.

Highlights for each plan are as follows :-

1.I understand that its a it's a holiday home therefore i have worked to get the maximum of bed possible along with its privacy , that why i have also GIVEN one option with THREE BEDROOM in big flat .

2.Please contact your condominium administrator for the window in washroom as it will increase the value of flat..but in worst
case scenario if they deny the permission they we can add the ventilation system for the new washroom.

3. Every FLAT have its own independent service like , electricity, water , gas, nature light and its own entrance .

4.Every option have at EXISTING WASHROOM on the original location and new washroom designed just right next to it to save construction and plumbing cost.

5. New kitchen in big flat is, just placed on its old location OR just .5 meter away from the old locations.

6. I have also provide solution for small storage and cleaning products but i have combined the wet areas to save the space/area.

6. Sofa in living in both the flat will be sofa cum bed.

7. Bed in second and third bedroom can be either single two beds OR one single queen bed. This decisions depends on you.



P.S:- I hope ,you found your project solution in submissions .
Please feel free to use google translator to convert English to Italian

2 Sea Apartment In Liguria


Pietra Ligure, Province of Savona, Italy