This concept is the result of the analysis of the existing plan and request for shop reorganization. The concept provides the best way of use of space and also maximum use of natural light.

Entrance zone and counter are one common unit. The counter position in the entrance area is a good solution from several reasons. The seller can welcome customers and see them out, control the flow of people in the store, but he is also at the service of customers who wish to inquire on goods at the entrance, as well as customers who want to pay for the goods at the exit. Also for the seller who spends considerable time on the sales counter, the position at the entrance is a humane environment, with natural light and a view of the outer space.

Behind the entrance zone with counter, there is the space for presentation of the goods, with passageways large enough to set up and remove goods from the shelves, as well as for viewing and communication. This set-up of shelves provides the maximum use of the space and also maximum use of natural light coming from the side windows. Spaces witch are unsuitable for shelving - on the wall where the windows are and in the back of the store (which has an irregular geometric forms) - are intended for set up of lawn mowers and other machines.

Treatment of the interior is in accordance with the purpose of the shop. Rubber floor covering is non-slip, easy to maintain and durable to abrasion. Suspended ceiling is made of perforated metal, the look of which evokes wire fences in the gardens and gives the store a modern look. The design of the counter is also in line with the rest of the interior.