The project draws the planimetric configuration of the bedrooms and bathrooms on the second an organic and fluid. The Suite type is characterized by the rotating platform (similar to those used for exhibitions of cars) equipped with a warhead containing mini-bar on the outer perimeter and bedside-containers on the inner facade decorated with pictures of the beach of Sardinia reference the room. On this system we set the bed so that it can rotate 360 ​​degrees to offer customers different experiences and different views, to the area tv-desk or to the cabinets, or the scenic perceptible from the windows. All furnishings are custom-made to ensure the curvilinear design of the elements and make the most of the space. Its bathrooms follow the same curvilinear design; accessories are standard to define except the sink that is unique for each room carved from a block of granite and shaping. The living area is organized with the seating area television station and the breakfast tables with double-reading on the outer perimeter of the room adjacent to the windows. The area of ​​the scale from the road has been redesigned second inclined planes and right on the wall is occupied to-ceiling by a system of vertical green. On the left an aquarium is like a parapet and ensures power of cascading water flowing on the wall inclined to the floor at street level. A giant poster of a beach typical of Sardinia welcomes guests in front of the stairs where was organized the area bar-breakfast. The reception was reorganized near the main staircase with a corner desk informal cozier than a traditional reception.

The bathroom on the living has been moved to the elevator so as to improve the corridor and the corridor access without crossing the room. This bathroom can also be equipped with a toilet for the disabled.

All furnishings are provided tailored, less than those indicated in the respective table.