Dear Client

Since you live in italy we tried to make your veranda in sync with your
your rooms, so when the weather is nice you open it, but when there is rain
you simply close it and enjoy.

- The BBQ is made very modern and able to be demounted and used in your garden
as you see fit to do.

- The yellow colour that you had has been changed to a more subtle and modern
white. That way more light is reflected and it is more peaceful. With less tension.

- The verande has been expanded to the northen part. So in case of rain you have
more place to enjoy a thundersome night.

-The inner cortyard is made to a peaceful zen type getaway were you can simply
distance yourself from everyone and read a book in peace.

-the sink is clearly mandatory and by so needed in short intervals. Thats why it will
be covered by a simple box on top of which a plant will be placed. It can, at
anytime be demounted and used.A basket with bread and other things can be
put on top when not needed. Hidden by a guitar or bookshelf

-also replacing the brick wall, or at least covering it up, by a marble one
would be a big bonus. More light will be reflected in day, especially night time.
And marble is cleaned easier than brick after a barbeque.

-the parket, as to be univerasl in any style, will be of dark wood.

-the planks needed for the fire will be just under the barbeque, its easy

-the upper plant give a nice tone to the verande and yet take up little space

-the garden has place for four people to read books or meditate

-the table should be replaced with a much more simple one

-with the extended veranda to the north you can host one more pair of
luxury chairs, as to use in a party

- combined lunch/party function

-Full universal and modern room that satisfies all needs, from party to casual lunch
that can, with little modification, be converted into any style, zen, traditional, modern...

Have a nice day!

A Living Veranda


86170 Isernia, Province of Isernia, Italy